The Big List of Time Travel Adventures


  Martin and Artie’s Timeline Restoration #3
“Whending My Way Back Home”
by Bill Johnson

Martin and his AI, Artie, are in ancient Carthage, a few centuries after their second escapade. Seems like they're making progress toward their future timeline, but looks can be deceiving.

 Perfection, of any kind, was an error. 

from Muenzler’s website

   “The Way We Fall”
by Michelle Muenzler
First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 26 Jan 2017

A man responds to a break-up by diving off a building, which causes a time loop.

 Or is it the first— 

   “Still Life with Abyss”
by Jim Grimsley
First publication: Asimov’s Science Fiction, Jan/Feb 2017

Teams of researchers from a nebulous future observe branching timelines in their past, with a particular fascination for the one man who has never made a choice that forked off a new line.

 Hes a human freak as far as Im concerned. Whatever I think of him, it doesnt affect my work. 

A spiral is mandatory for a time-travel watch.

   “One of a Kind”
by Maurice Forrester
First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 26 Feb 2017

Advertisements for a pocket watch with time-traveling properties are followed from 1895, into the future, and back.

 Offered for private sale is a gold watch engineered to allow the discriminating Gentleman the opportunity to experience time in a new way. This is a one-of-a-kind item. Serious inquiries only. Reply to Box 154 at this newspaper. 

   Making History
created by Julius Sharpe
First episode: 5 Mar 2017

When university janitor Dan Chambers invents a time machine (really more of a time duffle bag), he decides to use it to land a girlfriend in Colonial Massachusetts. His plan succeeds, but along the way, he manages to stop the American Revolution, a consequence that can be righted only by bringing history professor Chris Parrish into the fold.

 After seeing that Peppermint Patricia wrapper, I knew that any society that could mix two separate flavors like mint and chocolate is more open-minded than I could ever fathom. We must start this revolution so that the women of the future can feel the freedom that I felt in those brief moments. 

   Time after Time
adapted by Kevin Williamson
First episode: 5 Mar 2017

H.G. Wells chasing Jack the Ripper through time did’t manage to translate from the 1979 silver screen to the 2017 small screen, although I enjoyed the Paris episode before the show was prematurely canceled.

The model of time travel was particularly troublesome in that I never did understand why H.G’s first trip took him to the museum.

 Its inevitable: Science and technology will advance beyond all imagination, forcing society to perfect itself. Imagine who you could be if you didnt live in fear. Or more importantly, imagine the stories you could write if your life was full of adventure. 

from Halbach’s website   “Alexander’s Theory of Special Relativity”
by Shane Halbach
First publication: Analog, Mar/Apr 2017

After Alexander accidentally strands his girlfriend in the future, he has trouble reestablishing relations with her.

 She turned and slapped him hard across the face. 

aerial view of Masada   “Eli’s Coming”
by Catherine Wells
First publication: Analog, Mar/Apr 2017

Eli ben Aryeh, the founder and head of Time Sharing Adventures, is aiming for the year 10 BCE, but he misses by 75 years and ends up instead at the Romans siege of Masada where he is mistaken for the prophet Elijah.

 But they hadnt existed at the time of Herod the Great. And they hadnt captured Masada until—what, 66 CE? 

C.L. Moore never received a Grand Master award, which is given only to living authors.   “Grandmaster”
by Jay O’Connell
First publication: Analog, Mar/Apr 2017

While her husband is asleep on the couch, renowned science fiction writer C.L. Moore receives a visitor from the future who presents her with a well-deserved award that she never received while alive.

 Shes thirty-six but has felt the same inside since fifteen, when shed read a pulp magazine and knew with absolute certainty what she wanted to do with her life. 

Six other stories by Flynn appeared in this 2012 collection.   “Nexus”
by Michael F. Flynn
First publication: Analog, Mar/Apr 2017

The lives of Siddhar Nagkmur (a regretful alien time traveler) and Stacey Papandreon (a tired immortal) converge for the second time since 522 AD; throw in some more aliens and a desperate need to repair the timeline to complete the story.

 Nagkmur finds a chronology on the Internet and searches out a year halfway between the present and their encounter in sixth century Constantinople. The quickest way to identify when things went awry, he tells her, is to work by halves. If AD 1300 is undisturbed, the change came later; otherwise, earlier. 

interior art from Analog   “Shakesville”
by Adam Troy-Castro and Alvara Zinos-Amaro
First publication: Analog, Mar/Apr 2017

Fifty future versions of a man show up in his apartment (49 of whom are corrupted) to warn him of an impending fateful decision that his must make correctly.

 Its not anything fatal. You know it cant be anything fatal, because if it was, thent here would be no future self who could be sent back to warn you. 

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry from The Prisma   “The Snatchers”
by Edward McDermott
First publication: Analog, Mar/Apr 2017

Max, an experienced snatcher of Valuables from the past, joins with newby Nichole to snatch the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry from his death in World War II.

 Fifty percent of snatchers dont return from their first. Why? Because time is a malevolent killer that tries to eradicate us when we jaunt. But you know all that. 

   “Time Heals”
by James C. Glass
First publication: Analog, Mar/Apr 2017

John’s hatred of his stepfather leads him to the kind of time jump activity that Time Adventures explicitly forbids.

 His second attempt had not been so subtle, a handgun and cartridges smuggled past Time Adventures people who didnt even bother to check his luggage. 

   Dimension 404
created by Will Campos, Dez Dolly, Daniel Johnson, and David Welch
First time travel: 4 Apr 2017

The Twilight Zone rides again, but this time on streaming tv (Hulu)! The first three episodes, all released on April 4, included a Wishbone meets Captain Planet episode, “Chronos”, with a model of time-travel that made no sense (but was still a hoot).

 You know youve got the wrong equation for closed timelike curves, right? 

   “How Long Is a Time Loop?”
by H. Burford-Reade
First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 17 Apr 2017

This first-person account draws a parallel between living with dementia and living in a time loop.

 “So, what exactly is a time loop?” I ask, on a wet winters night, as I take my shoes off and recline on the professors sofa. 

   “Letters Found on the Backs of Pepper Labels next to a Skeleton in an 800-Year-Old Hibernation Capsule Ruputured by What Looks Like Sword Damage”
by Luc Reid
First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 25 Apr 2017

A narcissist tricks his grad student into taking him back to Medieval England.

 I told him I was going to be a king in Medieval Times, and here I am getting rich. 

   Drivetime Machine Commercials
First publication: circa Jun 2017

 You warned us you'd be difficult. 

   Don’t Matter Now
by George Ezra
First publication: 16 Jun 2017

Hannah swears that George, the Volvo, and the dog all time travel at the end of Dont Matter Now, which would explain why he’s speaking in a language they don’t know.

 ♫Speak in a language they don’t know
It don’t matter now♫

from Shvartsman’s website

   “The Practical Guide to Punching Nazis”
by Alex Shvartsman
First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 31 Jul 2017

Apparently, you can go back to punch Hitler.

 If punching Nazis is punishable by death, youve arrived too early. 

   “Other Worlds and This One”
by Cadwell Turnbull
First publication: Asimov’s Science Fiction, Jul/Aug 2017

In his universe, where the narrator lives with his difficult brother and mother, he had no ability to travel to other times and places, but he can visit pretty much any time or place (especially places with Hugh Everett) in any of the other myriad universes from the vast multiverse which are all fixed in stone.

 What I cant do is change anything. I cant change the course of history. I cant make it so that things work out. Every universe exists complete from the start. Its all already happened. 

by Alvarez, Knutsson, Knutsson, Koller, and Wayans (Tiddes, director)
First release: 11 Aug 2017

Rob Anderson wakes up naked in an elevator and late for his wedding, and every time the church bell rings, he’s back at the beginning again.

 You are sending me back in time . . . ah, well, not you—God! 

   “An Incident in the Literary Life of Nathan Arkwright”
by Allen M. Steele
First publication: Asimov's Science Fiction, Sep/Oct 2017

Nathan Arkwright, one of the big four of golden-age science fiction writers, is considering whether there's any point to continuing with his Galaxy Patrol series when he gets invited out to dinner by an odd couple with a brand new car.

 Your novels are popular now, but in time your work will become even more esteemed . . . more valuable . . . than you can ever know. 

   “The City’s Gratitude”
by Meg Candelaria
First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 18 Sep 2017

A man from the future wants to avert a disaster, but the assigned police officer thinks he’s just a loonie.

 Youre from the future and its very important you talk to the mayor right now about a horrible threat that we have to avert. 

   The Orville
created by Seth MacFarlane
First time travel: 5 Oct 2017 (“Pria”)

It didn’t take long for MacFarlane’s slightly zany Star Trek parody to introduce us to Pria, a collector visitor from their far-future, who grabs people only just before they’re about to die. I know the show has a bit of a comedy take, but I love their excellent take on so many classic sf tropes.

 When we get to my century, I'll introduce you to Amelia Earhart. 

  Martin and Artie’s Timeline Restoration #4
“Hybrid Blue, by Firelight”
by Bill Johnson

It seems that each successive story takes the time traveler and his AI further in time from their goal. This episode, rife with Neanderthals and Denisovans, starts off in 42,967 BCE.

 What do you get when a Neanderthal, a Denisovan, and a Red Deer Cave sit down around a table together? 

artwork by Gerald Kelley

   “The Ant and the Grasshoppers”
by Ian Randal Strock
First publication: Daily Science Fiction 16 Nov 2017

When the narrator realizes that Earth is about to be destroyed by an aseroid, he sends the whole planet back in time ten years.

 If only I had never known, I could have been happier. 

Romance Time Travel of 2017

Bodice rips are a more workaday mode of time travel than time ships.
Premier Academy 1: As Shiny as a Comet by Dani Corlee

Premier Academy 2: It Was the Time of Romeo and Juliet by Dani Corlee

Forever Young by Gloria Gay

Royal 1: A Royal Affair by Christina George

Royal 2: A Royal Scandal by Christina George

Royal 3: A Royal Romance by Christina George

Duncurra 4: Highland Redemption by Ceci Giltenan

Pocket Watch Chronicles 5: The Choice by Ceci Giltenan

A Waltz in Time by Eva Harlowe

Vampire Girl 4: Moonlight Prince BY Karpov Kinrade (2017) by Karpov Kinrade

Knights through Time Travel 1: Beyond Time by Cynthia Luhrs

Mail Order Bride 3: Winds of Time by Zoe Matthews and Jade Jenson

Mail Order Bride 4: Secrets of Time by Zoe Matthews and Jade Jenson

Mail Order Bride 5: Changed by Time by Zoe Matthews and Jade Jenson

Magic of Time 3: Time to Spare by Melissa Mayhue

Fairy Tales across Time 1: The Earl Finds a Bride by Bess McBride

Highland Hearts Afire 1: Talisman of Light by B.J. Scott

Highland Hearts Afire 2: Forever and Beyond by B.J. Scott

Swept Away Saga 3: Hidden Away BY Kamery Solomon (2017) by Kamery Solomon

Dunskey Castle 2: Seuman by Jane Stain

Dunskey Castle 3: Tomas by Jane Stain

Hadrian's Wall 1: Time of the Celts by Jane Stain

Thief in Time 2: A Flight in Time by Cidney Swanson

St Mary's 7.7: Desiccated Water by Jodi Taylor

St Mary's 8: And the Rest Is History by Jodi Taylor

St Mary's 8.5: Markham and the Anal Probing by Jodi Taylor

St Mary's 8.6: A Perfect Storm by Jodi Taylor

After Cilmeri 13: Shades of Time by Sarah Woodbury

No Time Travel.
Move along.
“After the Atrocity” by Ian Creasey, Asimov’s, Mar/Apr 2017 [clones ]

“Kitty Hawk” by Alan Smale, Asimov’s, Mar/Apr 2017 [despite title, no time travel ]

“A Singular Event in the Fourth Dimension” by Andrea M. Pawley, Asimov’s, Mar/Apr 2017 [despite title, no time travel ]

“Tao Zero” by Damien Broderick, Asimov’s, Mar/Apr 2017 [despite title, no time travel ]

“The Wisdom of the Group” by Ian R. MacLeod, Asimov’s, Mar/Apr 2017 [predictions ]

“Precognition” by Alex Drozd, Daily Science Fiction, 30 May 2017 [precognition ]

“Triceratops” by Ian McHugh, Asimov’s, May/Jun 2017 [despite title, no time travel ]

“Time Travel Is Only for the Poor” by S.L. Huang, Analog, Nov/Dec 2017 [long sleep ]


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