The Big List of Time Travel Adventures


   Anno 7603
English title: The Year 7603 (translated from Danish)
by Johan Herman Wessel
First publication: 1781, but never performed

After lovers Julie and Leander wonder how the world would be if each other had the better qualities of the opposite gender, Feen takes them forward in time to see the effects that raising children in just that way has had.

 Now my children! You wish to remake each other? Julie, you want your lover transformed into a more tender companion? And you Leander, you would rather that your Julie had a more aggressive bearing? 

Johan Herman Wessel, Master Traveller

I have read that the original play was so bad that scholars don’t even want to list it among Wessel’s works, and yet it has the first humans traveling forward in time! Most certainly deserving of a Master Traveller Citation. I am slowly working on a translation to English. Don’t hold your horses, because my understanding of idiomatic language is often confused.


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