The Big List of Time Travel Adventures


   The Year 2000 Novels
by W.W. Cook
First book: Argosy, Jul to Oct 1903

Pursued by Detective Klinch, Everson Lumley takes up Dr. Alonzo Kelpie’s offer to whisk him off to the year 2000 where Lumley first observes various scientific marvels and then realizes that Klinch is still chasing him through time and into more adventures. That’s all in the first book (A Round Trip to the Year 2000; or a Flight Through Time, serialized in Argosy, Jul-Oct 1903). In the second book (Castaways of the Year 2000, in Argosy, Oct 1912 to Feb 1913), Lumley has returned to his own time and is held responsible for Kelpie’s disappearance at which point he returns to the future and adventures ensue.

 Although your enemy is within a dozen feet of you, Lumley, he will soon be a whole century behind, and you will be safe. 

[Jul 2013]

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